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***Just finished shooting and post-production editing on our current Short Film which will be available to watch soon. It is a drama about a guy who gets twins up the duff the same night. Its called 'Lovely Lovely Dread' and will be competing in some of the world's top festivals in coming months. This was a debut acting role for all four of us. Hopefully the start of many. **


Just finished shooting and post-production editing on our current Short Film which will be available to watch soon. It is a drama about a guy who gets twins up the duff the same night. Its called 'Lovely Lovely Dread' and will be competing in some of the world's top festivals in coming months. This was a debut acting role for all four of us - hopefully the start of many. 

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USA Music Magazine NeuFutur Editorial: Santa Claus is Rockin'

Neufutur Magazine

 "Sleigh bells immediately identify that this song will deal with Christmas material, but what Dublin, Ireland’s Bradley Gillis is create a wholly new Christmas track. There are nods to the previous corpus of Christmas songs, but what listeners will hear with Santa Claus is Rockin’ is a fully-formed rock track that has a good amount of meat on its bones. This means that there are saxophones, trumpets, piano, drums, bass, a full strings section, and even a children’s choir that all make their grand appearance on Santa Claus is Rockin’ over the course of three minutes. While the time that each part is present in the song is limited, the removal of any of these would be a vital blow – everything has its place in Santa Claus is Rockin’.

The density of this track means that it can be played often without having the same sort of fatigue that typically occurs with seasonal music during the middle of December. Everything in this single feels honest and heartfelt, and I believe that each constituent performer has given it their all with this single.

Bradley Gillis’ Santa Claus is Rockin’ is an effort that will continue to gain accolades as more hear it, but I want to hear more music from this performer. The sheer ability of Gillis to come forth and have such a disparate sounds of styles and influences in this single showcases a mind for music that is simply unparalleled with current performers. Watch the video, add Bradley Gillis’ Facebook and add Santa Claus is Rockin’ to your playlist of holiday songs. This effort is enough to instill some holiday cheer into even the most miserly of listeners."

Rating: 8.5/10

James McQuiston, Ph.D. Editor, NeuFutur | a: NeuFutur Magazine 369 Stephens Rd Akron, OH 44312

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Bradley Gillis ‘Santa Claus is Rockin” Music Review

"It’s never too early to start thinking of Christmas, is it?

In Bradley Gillis charming “Santa Claus is Rockin'” single, the listener is not only reminded of a special, nostalgic time of year, but a song that has a rich, multi-genre music bed. What I liked most about this track is that this Dublin-based singer/songwriter has such a warm, happy delivery. His song would fit nicely nestled alongside any collection containing Manheim Steamroller, the great Burt Ives, the iconic Bing Crosby, Wham’s “Last Christmas” and another jolly hit, “Do They Know It’s Christmas” by Band Aid.

One other aspect of this song that makes it stand out is that it gets stuck in your head after just one listen. It stays with you, much like any Christmas or holiday staple. Gillis gifts this track like a favorite toy, or long-awaited family member arrival.

Such a fun song and I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad that it’s pigeoned-holed into a seasonal piece. It’s a great song that deserves year-round love. The stirring strings, the hop-along- keys, and the easy-going vocals all make for a solid memory."

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The Christmas single is the brainchild of two Limerick brothers.

The Hot Press Newsdesk, 28 Nov 2012       

'Tis the season to release charity singles and brothers Glen and Simon Shire (who hail from Lisnagry, Co Limerick) have just unveiled their sterling contribution. Aiming to raise funds for Barnardos – who concern themselves with the well-being of children – Glen penned the number and Simon acted as executive producer in Dublin's Windmill Lane studios.

Thanks to their Windmill connections, the pair enlisted an elite group of musicians and producers for the project, including people who have worked with everyone from Imelda May and The Corrs to Jerry Lee Lewis and Van Morrison.

The high quality craft is clear for all to hear on 'Santa Claus Is Rockin'', with New Yorker Bradley Gillis on vocals.

Listen and watch below, then head to here to buy

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Limerick Leader Newspaper 

Limerick brothers hope to release Christmas hit

Simon Shire during recording of the charity single Santa Claus is Rockin in Studio One at Windmill Lane in Dublin. The song will be released in Savins from December 3

  • by Alan Owens
 Simon at making of Video: Santa Claus is Rockin
Published on the 24 November 2012 13:00

 Santa Claus is Rockin’, an upbeat Christmas single written by Glen Shire and recorded in Dublin’s prestigious Windmill Lane studios by his brother Simon, executive producer of the ambitious project, aims to raise funds for children’s charity Barnardos.

Former solicitor Simon built some up impressive connections with Windmill Lane - where U2 have recorded many of their hits - while studying sound engineering there last year.

Through that connection he managed to propel the project from the drawing board to completion, assembling a list of musicians and producers who have worked with the biggest names in music, from Van Morrison, The Corrs, Genesis to Imelda May.

“This all started about ten years ago, my brother and I always wanted to write a Christmas song,” explained Simon.

“We are both very interested in music, always have been. We talked about it every year and it just didn’t happen but the opportunity arose last year because I was doing some work in Windmill and we got to know the owner and director really well.

“It went from there and when you have Windmill behind you, you have access to the best musicians in Ireland.

“I put together a dream team of musicians who have worked with some amazing people - an impressive cast,” he added.

The single got its official launch in Windmill Lane on Friday and will be released on iTunes early next week, with the physical CD to be available for sale in Savins - exclusive Limerick agents - from after December 3.

New Yorker Bradley Gillis takes lead vocals on the tune, assisted by the Piccolo Lasso choir, ranging in age from 8-15 years of age.

“It is a rock song, with a jazz flavour,” explained Simon.

“We hope from preliminary reviews that the song will be a hit in Ireland, the UK and internationally and we therefore wish to fly the flag high for Limerick and Ireland and somewhat follow in the footsteps of the Fairytale of New York and other major Christmas hits,” he explained.

“There has not been an original, fresh hit since Mariah Carey in 1994 and we would therefore welcome and encourage active support by Limerick and Munster people,” he added.

All of the proceeds from the song will go towards leading children’s charity Barnardos.

“I was moved by their advertising campaigns in recent years and, having met with a number of potential charity partners for this project, I was very impressed with their ethos, charitable objects and strategies,” explained Simon of the decision.

A music video was also made as the song was being recorded and the director, Maurice Linnane, has worked on documentaries for the Foo Fighters, U2 and the Cranberries."

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