A little bit about the crew

Company Logo

 We are Irish guys from Limerick with mixed academic backgrounds from Law to Science to Cinematography. United by One goal, One dream, we become One in our quest to tell stories through Audiovisual means. All of us have studied Film, TV and Music in some shape or form and found out at different stages through life that this is what we are all most passionate about. 

Two of us are brothers and Dr. Lynch was our neighbour growing up and closest friend so we are a very close team who understand exactly what we are all about and capable of while with an unrelenting "Can Do" attitude.

Director & Writer: Glen Shire - Adv. Cert (Electronic Music Programming) UK, BSc. (H&S)/PgDip (Soft. Eng/Cloud), Limerick 

Glen Shire Founder of Sweethouse, Actor, Writer, Composer, Director



Executive Producer: Simon Shire - B.A, Solicitor, Cert (Sound Eng), PgDip. (Training and Education), Dublin

Simon Shire Producer, Legal Services and Actor


Cinematographer/Director of Photography: Dr. Alvin Lynch - M.A, PhD, Belfast.

Alvin Lynch Cameraman and Cinematograher