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Sweethouse Records was founded by Glen Shire in 2012 with the advent of our debut single "Santa Claus is Rockin' ". Written by Glen Shire, founder of Sweethouse Media, it made it to number 1 in the German Rock Charts and number 3 and 4 respectively in Germany's online Pop charts in 2012 and 2013. This year it is being re-released for a much much larger audience in USA and UK, Europe and beyond and is now on VEVO awaiting possible submission for MTV USA & UK, Chart Show, Box TV, VH1 and other top Music TV Channels for the Christmas slot 2015. The track involved almost 70 people in total with New Yorker Bradley Gillis on vocals and Piccolo Lasso Children's Choir as a sweet sounding backup. Some of the best musicians and industry professionals in the business were inlisted and it all came together in Dublin's Windmill Lane Recording Studios.

 The track has seen an enormous surge in interest so far in 2015 and it seems like it may well become a standard Christmas track with major Radio Stations and TV Networks right across the globe.

 Many thanks to all who participated in this debut track and you know we love you all. We are very proud of your involvement and hope this track reaches the audiences that it truly deserves to reach.

To learn more about Santa Claus Is Rockin' please go to our News and Reviews page to learn more about what the Irish, UK and U.S media had to say about it.

Behind The Scenes: Santa Claus Is Rockin' Production, Dublin 

Micing up the strings section

Preparing the Set for Video Now how do we put all this together?

Piccolo Lasso Children's Choir-Dublin Choral Foundation Adding guitars and keys to the mix

Let's add a little pizzazz

Simon Shire, Sweethouse Producer speaks with Brian Lush -Podcast on USA's

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 The music and lyrics to a brand new track is currently being written. 

*Will post news on twitter with press updates as recording and production commences on new projects*

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